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Referendum Vote Monday July 15th

Referendum Vote: Vote yes for our kids
When: Monday July 15th
Where: Lewiston Town Hal | 1375 Ridge Road, Lewiston
Hours: 6:00AM - 9:00 PM

Facility Capabilities

Floor Plan

Download a Detailed Floor Plan (PDF)

- Formulation of WNY competitive and recreational modified play
- College practice
- Batting practice
- Infield practice
- Modified games- youth
- Professional -training, camps and clinics
- High school practice
- Youth league practice
- Professional training, camps and clinics
- Modified games for youth and high school
- 7 on 7 league play
- Formulation of WNY wide competitive and recreational softball leagues
- High school- training, batting practice, infield practice
- Youth leagues
- collegiate - practice
- Tournaments
- Professional training, clinics and camps
- Formulation of WNY wide competitive and recreational basketball leagues
- High school- practice and games
- Recreational youth leagues
- Men’s leagues
- Women’s leagues
- Tournaments
- Professional – training, camps and clinics
- AAU competitive play
Volleyball email your interest
- Formulation of WNY wide competitive and recreational volleyball leagues
- High school leagues (boys and girls)
- Youth leagues
- Recreational leagues
- Men’s leagues
- Womens leagues
- Co-ed leagues
- Professional training, clinics and camps
- Tournaments
- Formulation of WNY wide competitive and recreational soccer leagues.
- Youth leagues ranging in ages from 5 years old to 18 years old.
- High school – training, and games
- Collegiate- training, leagues, and competitive games
- Men’s leagues
- Co-ed leagues
- Women’s leagues
- Professional training, clinics, and camps
- Tournaments- domestic and international in both boys and girls ages U-10 to U-19.
Senior Center
Senior Center
- 6,305 square ft.
- Handicapped acessible
- Accessible kitchen
- Activity room
- Day and evening programs
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- Formulation of WNY competitive and recreational lacrosse leagues
- JV and Varsity leagues (boys and girls)
- Youth leagues
- Adult leagues
- Tournaments
- Professional - training, camps and clinics
- Buffalo Bandits training and practice facility
- Box Lacrosse
Roller Hockey
Roller Hockey
- Mens leagues
- High school leagues
- Skills training and clinics
- Community open blade
Flag Football
Flag Football
- Youth leagues
- Adult leagues
- Coe-ed leagues
- High school –training, practice, and matches
- Youth leagues
- Tournaments
- Recreational leagues
- Professional -training, clinics, and camps
- Indoor walking
- Indoor running
- Aerobics
- Dancercise
- Silver sneakers
- Palates
- Zumba
- Car shows
- Boat shows
- Community events
- Graduations
- Birthday Parties
- Organization events
- Art shows
- Craft shows
Emergency Community Center
Emergency Community Center
Preparedness Center for Power outages, Floods, Extreme weather events and natural disasters etc.

Proposed Location


4061 Creek Road Youngstown, NY 14174

The LRS committee is currently working with the Lewiston-Porter School District to secure property at the southwest corner of the high school. This particular property is approximately 4-6 acres of land which borders Creek Road and runs parallel with Daryl Johnston Dr.. The Lew-Port location was chosen because the property is centric to the community which conviently serves people of all ages, children, youth, adults and of course seniors. Given that the building intends to be a regional facility the Lew-port site can serve all of Niagara County and is accessible to Amherst, Clarence, Williamsville and the city of Buffalo. This particular site is also close to major transportation such as the #190 and all of the US/Canadian bridges. The Recreation and Senior Center will also have its own entrance off of Creek Road and its own parking lot.

About the Facility

Facility Overview

The Town of Lewiston Recreation and Senior Center started about two years ago with the availability of greenway money and Lewiston Town board interest. At that time, a committee was put together to develop a feasibility and need study for this particular project. After much research and assessment it was determined that a recreation and new senior center was needed for our area. To date, we are proposing a 140,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose building to be built in the Town of Lewiston. Approximately one year ago town board approved the hiring of an architect to do a building design from the committees recommendation. From that point a pro-forma was completed and an RFP was done to locate available property. We are currently working with the Lewiston Porter School District to locate the building in the front of the high school running parallel to Daryl Johnston Dr. and front Creek Rd.. This multi-purpose building will include a 90,000 sq. area for football, soccer, field lacrosse, baseball, and softball. This area could also be used for tournaments, conventions, concerts, car shows, and trade shows etc.. The other part of the building will include a lobby area, retail space, concessions and locker rooms. In addition, there will be a college size basketball court, indoor box lacrosse and roller hockey area. More importantly, the building will also include a new 6,000 sq. ft. Senior Center.

Senior Center

The new Lewiston Senior Center is a 6,305 square foot building which will be housed in the Lewiston Recreation and Senior Center. The facility will have its own entrance, parking area, and of course will be handicapped acessible. The Senior Center will consist of a main floor area with accessible kitchen. It is also planned to have a second floor dedicated to an activity room which is an additional 4,000 square foot area. The activity room will also be utilized for a common area as well. It is anticipated that the new Senior Center will not only serve retired seniors but working seniors as well. To date, the committee has been working with the seniors to plan for full scale day and evening programs to include such activities as cooking classes, computer technology, library services, health and fitness seminars, educational lectures, and other advanced programming. In fact, major geriatric conferences can also be brought to the Lewiston area by utilizing the main area of the recreation facility. It is also anticipated that the seniors will take full advantage of all the sports facilities in the recreation building including a walking and jogging path.

Questions & Answers

Will this Recreational and Senior Center increase my property taxes?

Answer: No property tax increases to Town of Lewiston residents due to the creation of this Center.

Who will pay for the facility?

Answer: The facility will be privately financed and aided by a combination of corporate donations and in-kind services from regional businesses along with possible future Greenway Funding.

Why do we need such a facility in the Niagara Region?

Answer: To enhance the quality of life and the well-being of our community and fulfill a longstanding need along with providing a range of community, senior and recreational opportunities to the Northern region of Western New York. Provide additional economic stimulus to the region of Lewiston, Porter and Youngtown for restaurants, shopping, lodging and tourism. Climate- The Western NY climate is short in duration for a majority of recreational activities, this center will provide year round opportunities for people of all ages.

Will this increase traffic conditions around the Lewiston-Porter campus?

Answer: The facilities peak operating hours will be after 5pm Monday- Sunday. The student, parent, faculty population will have vacated the school property and no noticeable increase in traffic will be present during the centers operation.

How large is this facility, how high is the building?

Answer: The facility foot print will be approximately 140,000 square feet; the building height will be approximately 40 feet at the peak of the roof line.

Who is the owner of this facility?

Answer: Town of Lewiston will own the Facility after the maturation of the leasing agreement.

Who is responsible for the service and maintenance of the facility?

Answer: The service and maintenance will be partly funded by the facility revenue and present staffing that already exists at the Senior Center Department. The overall operation of the facility will be managed by a professional sports management firm knowledgeable on operations of such a facility.

What are the facilities operating hours?

Answer: The facility will be open for use Monday thru Sunday. Hours of operation will be determined by the events ,leagues or community events scheduled.

What is the size of the senior center compared to what currently exists in the Town of Lewiston?

Answer: The size of the Senior Center will be 30% larger from the size of the current Center located on Lower River Rd. Approximately 7,000 square feet.

Support from the Community

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Give your support today!
Daryl Johnston


Former Dallas Cowboy Fullback
"Congratulations to the Lewiston Porter area on the finalization of the Recreation and Senior Center. I remember many trips to the Niagara Falls and Buffalo areas to compete in similar facilities as a boy growing up in Youngstown. What a great opportunity for our youth to have this type of facility in the Town of Lewiston. And what a great concept to incorporate the Senior element into the project. This facility will benefit the entire community and create relationships that may not have formed without the vision of this project."
"Congratulations on the finalization of your plans to bring the Town of Lewiston Recreation and Senior Center to fruition! By focusing on the youth and elderly, emphasis is placed on ‘family’.

The Elia ‘family’ is excited and supportive of this worthwhile development and proposed amenities. The Town of Lewiston district is fortunate to have a caring committee who orchestrated this effort. The fruits of their labor will materialize into a complex that will be of benefit and enjoyment to many for generations to come.

The Town of Lewiston Recreation and Senior Center will undoubtedly serve to enhance an already exceptional district.

Best wishes to all who have turned a good idea into a dynamic reality. "


President and C.E.O. | Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.
Michael A. Elia
Chase Brooks


Head Coach Men's Soccer, Niagara University
"For the Niagara region to have a facility of this scale is paramount to the growth of soccer in the area. It provides the ability to train year round and just as big, is the advantage this region now has in attracting high level competition throughout the year. I am excited for the future of soccer and those young kids who love the game in the Niagara region"
"Congratulations to the Town of Lewiston for their vision in developing a Recreation and Senior Center on Creek Road in Lewiston. As an active member of the Lewiston and Western New York Community, a small business owner and former Chamber of Commerce President, I can attest that this proposal is exactly what the Dr. ordered for our senior community, families and our youth. The warm weather season is short and there is plenty to do during those months. Creating opportunities for recreational activities in the off season is a wonderful concept and long overdue. As a mother of three, now grown children, I would have welcomed such a project and am happy to support this for our young families.

Our community also has a large senior population, some of whom are isolated for lack of available and expanded opportunities for socialization. This would certainly enhance their quality of life.

Finally, as a homeowner whose property is adjacent to the proposed site, I see only that it will have a positive impact on our neighborhood.


Events Management & Consulting
Sandy Hays-Mies
Jack Armstrong


TV Analyst-NBA-Toronto Raptors
"“What a wonderful Concept! A Multi-Use Senior + Recreation Facility right here in Lewiston. A terrific way to improve the quality of life for all of our Residents and a very progressive way to set Lewiston Apart from so many other communities in Western NY and make it a Prime Destination to attract Folks looking for a New Town to call Home. Better Retention + Recruitment will make Lewiston an even greater place to Live and this facility is a visionary step in the right direction. Count my family + I in. “ "
""The Lewiston Recreation Center will provide Lew-Port athletes, as well as the community, with another first class, on campus facility unlike any in the Northeast. Lew-Port athletes will have the ability to train year round, and that will translate to success for the entire program.""


Director of Athletics Lewiston-Porter Central School
Scott Townsend
Joe Mihalich


Niagara University Mens Basketball Head Coach
""I'am so excited about the town of Lewiston's chances for a Recreation and Senior Center! Our community will benefit so much with this facility! It will provide an oppurtunity for every person at every walk of life!" "

Latest News

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06.21.13 » A YES Vote is a YES for our Kids!

Referendum Vote: Vote yes for our kids When: Monday July 15th Where: Lewiston Town Hal   |  1375 Ridge Road, Lewiston  Hours: 6:00AM - 9:00 PM  (View Full Story)

06.20.13 » Now Approved For Greenway Funding!

The Town of Lewiston, Under the 2007 New York State Power Authority Relicensing Agreement, currently recieves $510,000 per year in Greenway Funds. These funds can ONLY be used to build on and expand the Niagara River Greenway Commisions Vision for Parks, Recreation and Economic Development. Lewiston is proposing to use a portion of these funds, not additional tax levies, to pay down the debt serv... (View Full Story)

06.07.13 » Lewiston-Porter High School Approves Location

The Town has come to an agreement with Lewiston Porter to put the facility on the LPCSD property. (View Full Story)



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Committee Members

RONALD LADUCA, CSW-R - Counseling Services | Former Lewiston Recreation Chairperson

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GARY ROSE - Corporate Project Manager Sevenson Enviromental Services

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SCOTT TOWNSEND - Athletic Director Lewiston-Porter High School

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PETER VELTRI - Asst. Athletic Director | Women's Soccer Coach Niagara University

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KELLY BESAW - Principal-Champiau, Besaw and Travis Accountants

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MICHAEL ROEMER - Federal Clerk of Courts Western Region

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